My name is Tina and whatever the issue that has brought you to me today- be it mental, physical or emotional discomfort/distress, because you want to raise your consciousness, feel the need to make some changes in your life or are simply curious -I am here to help!

I am a Healer although I prefer to think of myself an Energy Practitioner as I am the means by which YOU access the healing energy you require at this moment in your life.

I work with the Highest Energies of the Angelic Realm on the Divine Vibration of Love offering Angelic Reiki – a safe, natural yet powerful healing modality which brings healing and balance on all levels.  Each healing session is unique and it is suitable for everyone, including babies and children. Animals too are drawn to these beautiful energies. All who experience it say it is very different from Reiki.  It is called the Healing for OUR Time. For me, it delights and surprises every time!

I am the first and, at present, only Angelic Reiki practitioner in the Highlands.

I currently work out of the Highland Wellness Centre at 10 Bank Street in Inverness (above McBain’s Restaurant on the riverside.) Now also available in Nairn. (Fully accessible.)

Out of hours and weekend appointments may be available if you are unable to come in the working week and alternative venues if you are unable to manage stairs. Just ask!

Gift cards are available if you feel a family member or friend might benefit from what I have to offer.  As is Distant Healing.

Please do get in touch. I have learned a great deal from my own healing journey and developed a fair amount of wisdom and compassion as a result of it.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering how Angelic Reiki works for you,



Please go to DISTANT HEALING page if you would prefer this option for now.