About Angelic Reiki

What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is a powerful and profound system of healing and consciousness expansion which works with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet.
It is called The Healing For Our Times.

Angelic Reiki works directly with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to
1) treat root causes, relieving physical, emotional and mental conditions to bring about healing and balance on all levels and
2) expand consciousness, assisting in the fulfilment of one’s soul purpose.

Each healing session is unique and will be perfect for the recipient at that time.

What happens in an Angelic Reiki treatment/session?

You lie fully clothed and comfortable under a cosy blanket. I place one hand gently on your solar plexus (tummy area) and one lightly on your upper heart chakra (chest area) and connect to the energies. During treatment, I act as a bridge for this energy to be accessed by you. Receiving the healing you will probably feel very relaxed and peaceful and may experience sensations of warmth, coolness or perhaps tingling or other physical sensations. You may even see beautiful colours or images. Some feel and see nothing yet have profound and lasting results.


After your session you may feel very sleepy as your body needs time to integrate the powerful energy it has received so I would advise coming at a time when you can relax afterwards to allow this process to occur. (The opposite can also occur with the clients reporting feeling an enormous boost in their energy levels which sees them rearranging the living room or cleaning the entire house from top to bottom!) Some may also feel some soreness in their joints but this is just stored toxins shifting and should not be of concern. I would however ALWAYS advise drinking lots and lots of water after any session to assist your body in its clearing process. The healing energies received during your session continue for some time after it and you may or may not be consciously aware of this occurring.

Angelic Reiki helps to balance the WHOLE person as healing occurs on a very deep level on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and doesn’t just deal with symptoms. It can also address issues emanating from past lives which are affecting our ability to operate to our full potential in this one (without the need for regression).
All of this can create profound and wonderful life changing effects on the mind, body and spirit promoting harmony and well being.

Angelic Reiki can be used alongside orthodox medicine as well as other holistic or complementary therapies. It is suitable for everyone at every age, including pregnant women and babies.

A set of 3 sessions is recommended, spaced approx 1 to 2 weeks apart, but its fine to just try one and see how you get on.

It is advised to avoid alcohol the day before (and after) your treatment.