About Me

I was born, raised and have spent most of my adult life in the Highlands.

I went to Plockton High School, took a year out which included a spell au pairing in the South of France from which I have never quite recovered..(in a good way!) I gained an MA(Hons) in Social Anthropology from Aberdeen University. Later in life I did a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education and worked briefly as a classroom teacher and then as Learning Support teacher to 5 schools in SW Ross before moving to supply teaching after having my 2 beautiful sons.

Throughout my life I have always been creative. I love making something out of nothing! Quilts and cushions from scraps of fabric, earrings from beads and shells, bracelets from string, hats and bags from pieces of velvet, jams and chutneys from foraged and throwaway fruit and veg. And wine out of absolutely anything…(I blame the French!!!)  Dinners from leftovers, food and flowers from seeds and I really, really love making compost! Creating actual soil for the earth out of peelings and whatnot… Alchemy indeed.

I first encountered healing energies some 20 years ago when struggling with issues in my own life. Whilst meditating, I got a voice in my head saying I was going to be A HEALER! I thought it was  a ridiculous notion! You’ve got the wrong bloke mate!!

After an unexpected but serendipitous encounter Reiki followed, which though pivotal in my own journey of personal growth and transformation, I always knew would not be the energy I would work with when it came my time to assist others. The path to becoming the Healer I am today took me away from my family to Inverness and was both deeply painful as I uncovered more of my own past and hugely exhilarating as I embraced who I was becoming and as the world turned magic around me. And all manner of things which could not have occurred just did! I was drawn towards all things LIGHT.

I went to college and after completing the Introduction to Art and Design course did an HND in Fine Art. This was an exciting time as I was creating installations which came through me but were not of me.. I was hanging on by a (gold) thread trying to feel my way forward as I explored my theme of Art, The Universe and Everything. I understood the link between my personal journey and the need for us all to transform at this time of crisis for our Planet. Watching the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’* I had a profound KNOWING that this is why I was not home with the children. I had work to do that only I could. I was still Mummy but I had been seconded to other duties. I knew that in my journey to heal myself I was somehow helping other to heal too.

A passage I came across at the start of this transformative stage in my life stated  ‘Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’. It spoke to me. Bigtime. I pinned it up on my wall. Sifting through my life around that time I came across the self same words I had copied into my journal when I was 12-13 years old!  Some part of me always knew this was to be my story.. I am still amazed by that!
A few years down the line my boys are grown, and I am embracing my calling. I am a HEALER! And still amazed every time!!

I trust that your journey towards health and wholeness will be easier than mine as a result of the energetic trail I have left behind me and the powerful energies I am now able to access on your behalf. It will make the sacrifices my children and I have made and the struggles I have endured worthwhile if I can make a difference now to you.

And to our beautiful, beautiful Earth.

*2004 fictional disaster movie in which, as a result of global warming, ocean currents which circulate water around the world shut down heating the tropics and cooling the North Atlantic  at alarming speed (hence the title) and with catastrophic results.

(Based on the book “The Coming Global Superstorm”)