Here are a few of my paintings for you to see. I believe the same vital life force in the Healing sessions is also present in my pictures.

Some of these are available as the original piece; some framed, some not. Some as prints and all as 5″x 7″ cards with envelopes in cellophane packaging.

Please get in touch if you would like to purchase anything. There’s lots more already created. (But getting them out in the world is a work in progress at the moment!)

Please do be aware that the copyright for all images is owned by me and any reproduction without my knowledge and consent is illegal. Thankyou.


New Shoes. Watercolour & Ink


Jug of Flowers. Watercolour & Ink.


“Flowers in a Jam Jar.”  Mixed Media.


“Flowers on the Mantelpiece.”  Mixed Media.


“Shoes- Black and White.”  Mixed Media.


“Surrender.” Charcoal.