Distant Healing

I prefer to see you in person as I feel there is something special about connecting with a fellow human being in this way but if for whatever reason this is not possible or preferable to you we will organise a time for your session to occur though Distant Healing.

I recommend that you lie down in a comfortable position with your own hands on your chest and tummy as if you were coming in for an Angelic Reiki treatment.¬† If this doesn’t feel comfortable for you just place them where ever feels right (by your side or on your tummy). I will let you know when I am beginning treatment and when it will conclude and I will do exactly what I would do as if you were in the same room as me. I would then talk to you briefly by phone (or text if you prefer) just to ensure all is well with you before ending the session.

Energy travels through time and space in an instant and you should receive it as if you were in the same room as me.

Payment would be made upon booking your session and this can be done by Bank Transfer to my account or via PayPal @ paypal.me/theangelworks