From it’s former home upstairs at Nourish Cafe it is now located just round the corner at 10 Bank Street, Inverness. (Above McBains restaurant and beside the Riverside Gallery.)
There are 2 spacious therapy rooms available and I will be continuing to offer ANGELIC REIKI (The Healing For Our Time) at this time.

For those concerned, you enter from Bank St. and can go directly upstairs where a spacious waiting room awaits. You are unlikely to encounter anyone else as there is no reception and it is run on an appointment only basis but the seating area easily allows for 2m social distancing.
It’s all brand new and sparkly clean as only just opened.
At the moment there is parking alongside in front of the CYC as the neighbouring businesses are closed.

Normally I connect with the Healing Energies with my hands placed on your chest and tummy, and then sit with my hands in contact with the feet (when my back gets sore!) For the time being I will conduct the whole session from the feet. You remain fully dressed throughout a under a cosy blanket. (Clean socks are always appreciated!)
Hand waves and big smiles 😁 instead of shakes and hugs for the time being…

I maintain the highest of standard of cleanliness anyway with good quality couch roll, my own 100% wool pillow and a clean pillowcase for each client. But please rest assured that all my blankets will be freshly laundered between each client also.
Door handles will be disinfected by myself before your arrival.
There are separate toilet facilities with hot water, soap, hot air hand dryers and …. toilet roll!!

If you are experiencing symptoms, or self isolating or would prefer not to come in person at this time I can offer DISTANT HEALING to you instead.
This is a highly effective method of receiving energy healing. Please  take a look at my Distant Healing page for more on this.

Angelic Reiki can help hugely with anxiety and with boosting the immune system (in addition to all the other benefits.)

I feel my whole life has been in training for this moment and I am ready!

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